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iWise Incident Create

Creates an iWise Incident record using the iWise XML Server specified by the associated task definition info items.


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Detailed Description

=== About iWise
infraWise?s flagship product, iWise, is an IT Service Management solution based
on the ITIL framework. It is both a Web and Windows-based, integrated
application suite for incident, problem, change, service/work request, release,
configuration (CMDB), asset, financial, telecom administration, human resource,
and service level management (including OLA and Service Catalogs).
For more information, see
=== Detailed Description
This handler utilizes the iWise XML Server SOAP framework to submit a 
createObject request with the following configuration:
* objectType           => "Incident"
* templateName         => Value of the 'template_name' task info record.
                          Example: "incident.create.kinetic.template"
* SRL_Description_Line => "Incident generated in Kinetic Task."
* Comments_Line        => Value of the 'Short Description' parameter.
* Comments_Text        => Value of the 'Description' parameter.
* Symptom_Type         => Value of the 'Symptom Type' parameter.
* Sub_Type             => Value of the 'Sub Type' parameter.
* Email_Address        => Value of the 'Requester Email' parameter.
* External_Xref        => Deferral token of this task.


Name Description
Requester Email The email address of the requester
Short Descritption A short description of the incident
Description A full description indicating the the reason for opening the incident
Symptom Type   The type of symptom the iWise Help Desk incident will be created with.
Sub Type   The subtype of symptom the iWise Help Desk incident will be created with.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Requester Email <%=@answers['Requester Email Address']%>
Short Description Password Reset
Description For these systems: <%=@answers['Systems']%>
Symptom Type Password
Sub Type Reset


Name Description
Incident ID   The iWise Incident Id of the entry that was created.

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2010-12-01 Initial Version