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SugarCRM Account Retrieve

Retrieves an Account record from SugarCRM.


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Detailed Description

This handler will use the server information and user credentials configured in
the task info values to authenticate and connect to the specified SugarCRM 
server, and search for the Account record based on the account name parameter.
The handler returns the account details if the account was found, otherwise
and exception is thrown if no accounts match the name that was provided as the
search term.


Name Description
Account Name The name of the account to retrieve

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Account Name <%=@answers['Account Name']%>


Name Description
Account Type  
Assigned User ID  
Assigned User Name  
Billing Address City  
Billing Address Country  
Billing Address Postal Code  
Billing Address Street  
Billing Address Street2  
Billing Address Street3  
Billing Address Street4  
Campaign ID  
Campaign Name  
Created By  
Created By Name  
Date Entered  
Date Modified  
Email 1  
Modified By Name  
Modified User Id  
Parent Id  
Parent Name  
Phone Alternate  
Phone Fax  
Phone Office  
Shipping Address City  
Shipping Address Country  
Shipping Address Postal Code  
Shipping Address State  
Shipping Address Street  
Shipping Address Street2  
Shipping Address Street3  
Shipping Address Street4  
SIC Code  
Ticker Symbol  

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2011-02-01 Initial Version