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Stripe Complete Checkout

This handler submits a credit card transaction to Stripe to complete a transaction started via a web-based form and Stripe's javascript API.


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Detailed Description

This handler completes a Stripe credit card transaction by submitting a token that represents a credit card and private credentials to Stripe via the Stripe Ruby gem. The token is typically generated on a web-based form (using Stripe's javascript API) and then submitted to the tree which implements this handler.


See the full solution write-up


Name Description
Amount The amount of the transaction in cents. Must be a positive integer or zero
Currency Three-letter ISO currency code representing the currency in which the charge was made. Defaults to 'usd'.
Card The stripe token representing the card/transcation generated via the stripe javascript API typically via a form and payment button.
Description A description of this transaction.  This should be consistent with what is shown to the user during payment.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
To 11000
Currency usd
Card tok_123abc123abc123abc123abc
Description KEG Early Bird conference & training


Parameter Example Value Description
charge_id ch_123abc123abc123abc123abc The id returned by stripe relating to this charge.  A charge object includes information on the transaction and the card offered by the user.
success true true | false : True if charge went through, false if it did not
message The card was declined A message to help debug or notify someone that a card was declined or other API error occurred.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-12-08

Initial Version

2 2015-03-02 Added better error handling and handler return on card/charge or API failure