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ServiceNow Object Update

Generically updates an object in a ServiceNow table when given a table name, a id, and a JSON body containing the parts of the object that should be updated.


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Detailed Description

This handler allows you to generically update an existing object in a ServiceNow table by passing an id and the fields/values that should be updated on the object in a JSON body. Using the ServiceNow REST API and basic authentication, a URL and a PUT body are created using the inputted parameters which is then sent to ServiceNow. If the REST call is successful and the included id exists, the handler will complete and return an empty result set.


Name Description
Table The name of the table to update the object in (ie. change_request,incident,task,etc).
Id The id of the object to update.
JSON Body The JSON body containing the fields that should be updated.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Table incident
Id ea45634c4f5103004491b3728110c7ac
JSON Body {"short_description"


This handler returns no results

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2017-09-14 * Initial version. See README for details.