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Sample HTML to PDF

This handler converts HTML to a PDF.


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Detailed Description

html-to-pdf.jpgThis handler converts an HTML string into a PDF. This handler returns the pdf as the xml escaped binary content. For maximum efficiency, this handler should be combined with whatever you want to use the PDF for. Depending on the size of your generated PDF, the PDF binary content response could negatively impact Kinetic Task's performance by either slowing it down or crashing it. 
Note: This handler needs to have wkhtmltopdf installed on the task server to run properly. Instructions and downloads can be found at


Name Description
HTML The html string that will be converted to a pdf.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
HTML <html><h1>header</h1></html>


Name Description
PDF Content The binary content for the generated pdf.

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2014-08-12 Initial Version