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Salesforce Case Create

Creates a Salesforce Account Case record with the given parameters and returns the Case Id of the created record.  The parameters are mapped directly to their respective fields.


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Detailed Description

Creates a Salesforce Case record for an Account with the given parameters and returns the Case Id of the created record.

This handler essentially has two phases: authentication and record creation.

1. The handler uses the SOAP API login method to retrieve the authentication
   details that are required for making the REST API requests.

2. The handler uses the REST API to create the Salesforce case record. The case record
   contains mappings provided by the @parameters instance variable. The handler's
   parameters are mapped to the Salesforce fields.

How to Get Consumer_Key & Consumer_Secret
  1. Login to your Salesforce Account
  2. On the left-hand sidebar
    a. Build Section > Create > App
  3. Scroll down to 'Connected Apps'
    a. Click 'New' button
      - Enter fields:
        * Connected App Name
        * API Name
        * Contact Email
      - API (Enable OAuth Settings) Section
        * Check box 'Enable OAuth Settings'
        * Enter callback URL (ex:
        * For 'Selected OAuth Scopes'
          - Select API access (for all, select 'Full access (full)')
          - After selection, click 'Add' arrow button
      - Click 'Save' button at bottom
    b. Allow from 2-10 minutes for your changes to take effect on the server before using the connected app.
  4. Go to newly created App (see Step 2). Scroll down to 'Connected Apps' and click on App.
  5. Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be shown in 'API (Enable OAuth Settings)' section.
    a. Note: You must click on 'Click to Reveal' to show the Consumer Secret

How to Get Security Token
  1. A security token should have been emailed to you on the initial setup of your Salesforce Account.
  2. If you do not have the security token, you can have a new one sent to you:
    a. On the admin dashboard, go to the upper right hand corner
      - Click on your name and select 'My Settings'
      - On the left hand side, go to Personal > Reset My Security Token
        * Click on 'Reset Security Token'
        * An email will be sent to you containing your new security token. Any tokens you had previously
          will be deprecated.


Name Description
AccountID Sets the Account ID field to assign the Case record to.
ContactID Sets the contact for the newly created Case.
Type Sets the type of the case.
Reason Sets the reason for creating the case.
Status Sets the status of the case.
Priority Sets the priority of the case.
Origin Sets the origin of what created the case.
Subject Subject of the case.
Description Description of the case.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
AccountID 0012abj123
ContactID 0jw013
Type Mechanical
Reason Performance
Status New
Priority Medium
Origin Web
Subject Server is down
Description When trying to sign on, the server does not response.


Name Description
CaseID   The Id of the Case record that was created

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2014-04-15 Initial version