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SMTP Email Send

This handler builds and sends a plaintext or HTML encoded email directly to the specified email server specified by the associated task info values.


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Detailed Description

This handler builds and sends a simple Smtp email directly to an email server based on the specified info items and parameters passed to the task instance. When an html body is set, the handler will replace images that have a fully qualified source prefixed with the string 'cid:' with embedded images. This includes the image files directly into the email rather than requiring the email client to load them from the Internet.

NOTE - This handler was updated 2014/01/17 to allow multiple email addresses (comma separated) in the To field. The version did not change because none of the input parameters changed and will be completely compatible with exiting nodes that use this handler.


Name Description
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered.
From (Email Address) The email address of the simulated sender.
To (Email Address) The email address of the intended recipient.
Subject The subject of the email.
HTML representing the body of the email (should start with '<html>' and end
  with '</html>')
Alternate (text) Body A plaintext message that will be displayed if the recipient can't display multipart HTML emails.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Error Handling Error Message
To (Email Address) <%=@answer['Req Full Name']%> <<%=@answer['Req Email']%>>
From (Email Address) <%=@results['Retrieve Fulfiller']['Name']%> <<%=@results['Retrieve Fulfiller']['Email']%>>
Subject <%= @answer['Event Summary'] %>
HTML Body <html>This is my <b>BIG IMPORTANT</b> message. </html>
Alternate (text) Body Your..... ?Thanks <%=@results['Retrieve Fulfiller']['Name']%>


Name Description
Message Id The message Id of the sent email message.
Handler Error Message  

Change Log

Version Date Description
1.3 2018-04-20 * Username and Password info values are no longer required
1.2 2017-05-03 * Updated with error_handling parameter
1 2017-03-10 * Rewrote handler in Ruby