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Pardot Prospect Create

Creates a prospect in Pardot.


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Detailed Description

pardot_logo.pngThis handler uses the Pardot REST API to create a new prospect. To configure the info values, you'll need your email, password, and a user key. This key can be found in your account settings under the description of API User Key. After configuring the handler, all the information can then be used to send and API call to Pardot to create a new prospect. If the Assign To parameter is left blank, the new prospect will be assigned to the user that is authenticated in the info values. If you want to assign a different user, include an email address in the Assign To parameter. This will cause 2 other API calls to be kicked off, one that reassigns the user from the info values and another one that then assigns the user from the Assign To parameter.


Name Description
Email The email for the new prospect that will be created.
First Name The first name of the new prospect.
Last Name The last name of the new prospect.
Company The company of the new prospect.
Campaign Id The campaign id for the campaign that the new prospect will be added to.
Phone The phone number of the new prospect.
Assign To The email of the user you wish to assign this issue to. Will be assigned to the email address contained in the info values if left blank.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
First Name Test
Last Name User
Company For Testing
Campaign Id 9871
Phone 202-555-0127
Assign To


Name Description
Id The id of the prospect that was just created.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-09-05 Initial Version
2 2014-08-31 Removed list_id in favor of using the Pardot List Add handler instead