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Pardot List Add Prospect

Adds a prospect to an existing list in Pardot.


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Detailed Description


This handler uses the Pardot REST API to add an existing prospect to a list. To configure the info values, you'll need your email, password, and a user key. This key can be found in your account settings under the description of API User Key. After configuring the handler, all the information can then be used to send and API call to Pardot to add the prospect to the given list. 





Name Description
Email The email for the prospect that you wish to add to a list.
List Id The id of a list that you wish to add the prospect to.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
List Id 15648


This handler returns no results.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-09-19 Initial Version
1 2015-09-01 Encrypt view of Pwd and API Key.  Better logging.