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Microsoft Project - Project Task Assign


This handler assigns an Enterprise Resource to a Task.


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Detailed Description

project_online.jpgThis handler makes a REST call Microsoft Project Online to the Project Server API to assign an Enterprise Resource to an already existing Task. After authenticating against the Project Server using the inputted username and password, the handler first makes a call to Project to get a FormDigestValue which is needed as a part of the authentication for future calls. The inputted Resource Id is then checked against the Resource list of the project and will be added to the Project if the inputted Id is not present. After the Resource has been verified to be attached to the Project, an Assignment is created using the Task Id and Resource Id. Any errors that occur during this process will be caught and re-raised by the handler.


Name Description
Project Id The id of the project that contains the task that will be assigned.
Task Id The id of the task that will be assigned.
Resource Id The id of the Enterprise Resource that will be assigned to the task.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Project Id db521c56-44ab-422d-9abd-29d8d359043a
Task Id 5e4aa3ed-f55e-4c63-818f-b84bab4822a1
Resource Id d7d23bc0-8424-47d5-b837-ea97e96e1ca2


This handler does not return any results.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2015-10-12 Initial Version