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Microsoft Exchange Appointment Find Occurrence


This handler retrieves the ID of individual appointments found within a specified date range of an existing recurring appointment in Microsoft Exchange. This handler is used when it is necessary to update an individual occurrence within a recurring event -- changing the time, date, attendees, etc. 

An example of when to use this handler would be when a recurring event falls on a holiday and that specific instance needs to be moved to a more appropriate time. In this situation, you will use this handler to retrieve the ID of the occurrence that needs to be moved (unless you already have this information via some other means), and then update the appointment using the Exchange Appointment Update handler (NOT the Exchange Appointment Update Recurring handler).


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This handler requires that you are running at least Kinetic Task 2.0.

Detailed Description

This handler takes in the Recurring Event Master ID and a date range and returns all instance occurrence IDs found within the time frame.  The intended use of this event is to retrieve the ID of an event that is known to exist; therefore an exception is raised if no events are found within the timeframe provided.

The handler takes a starting and ending point which must be in UTC time. The other input is the Appointment ID that was returned when the recurring event was created (for a recurring event, the ID represents the container for ALL occurrences).

The handler will only return the ID of the first matching occurrence within the date range provided. 


Name Description
Start (UTC) The start of the new appointment in UTC with the format 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss'.
End (UTC) The end of the new appointment in UTC with the format 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss'.
Recurring Master ID The recurring master ID value for the appointment, returned when the recurring event appointment was created.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Start (UTC) 2016-07-04T05:00:00
End (UTC) 2016-07-05T05:00:00
Appointment ID AAMkADVjNDJY2rEhHPAAId5ubLAAA=   (Note:  The appointment ID has been shortened here for readability.)


Name Description
occurrence_id The Exchange GUID for the occurrence (~150+ characters)  


Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2016-07-26

Initial Version