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Azure Virtual Machine Create - Government

This handler creates a virtual machine in Azure Government.


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Detailed Description

This handler uses the Azure Service Management API to create a virtual machine in Azure Government. The authentication is handled via X509 key files uploaded to the Azure API Management portal.

For instructions on how to generate the key files/certificates for your implementation, please reference:

The key files are stored in the handler/resources directory of the handler. you'll need to replace the files in this directory with the ones you generate.



Name Description
Subscription ID The Azure Subscription ID.
VM Name Name of the virtual machine to be created.
VM User User of the virtual machine.
Password Password for the user.
OS Type Linux or Windows operating system.
Image Image being used to create the virtual machine.
Location Region of the machine.
Cloud Service Name Name for the cloud service.
VM Size Size of machine.
Affinity Group Name  
Virtual Network Name  
Subnet Name  
Availability Set Name  
Endpoints Must be in XML format.
  • Sample Configuration

Name Description
Subscription ID 55c212bdee118e0662030003
VM Name kineticmachine
VM User kinetic
Password Password123
OS Type Linux
Image CentOS-7-GenericCloud-20160608
Location USGov Iowa
Cloud Service Name kineticcloud
VM Size Small
Affinity Group Name affinity1
Virtual Network Name vmnetwork
Subnet Name subnet1
Availability Set Name availability1
Endpoints <InputEndpoint>


Name Description
Request ID The ID of the request is returned.

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2016-06-20 Initial Version