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Kinetic Response - Issue Message Create

Interacts with Kinetic Response to create a message for an issue.


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Detailed Description

This handler interacts with Kinetic Response to create a message for an issue.

To Retrieve Application ID and Secret:

  1. Go to <response_server>/oauth/applications (ex:
    • Must have admin access
  2. Click on "New Application"
    • Enter in a Name
    • Enter in a redirect_uri (if running locally, use: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob)
  3. The Application ID and Secret will be presented on the next page


Name Description
issue_guid The guid of the issue (required)
message The message that will be created for the issue.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
issue_guid abc-123-def-456
message Hello World!


Name Description
message The message that was entered in the parameter.

Change Log

Version Date Description
2 2015-04-10 Added info on how to retrieve Application ID and Secret
1 2015-04-07 Initial Version