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Kinetic Request Submission Update Status

Updates the Validation Status, the status that is displayed to the end user, of the specified Kinetic Request submission record.


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Detailed Description

The Validation Status is an arbitrary string that represents the status value that is displayed to the end user (such as "In Progress" or "Awaiting Approval") that is typically displayed within the launcher page of a Service Catalog.


Name Description
Validation Status The value the Validation Status field on the specified Kinetic Request submission record will be set to.
Submission Id The instance id of the Kinetic Request submission to be updated.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Validation Status Awaiting Approval
Submission Id <%=@base['CustomerSurveyInstanceId']%>

Note that @base values are not available in subtrees in Task 3.x and will only be available in local subtrees in 4.x.


Name Description

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2010-12-01  Initial version