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Kinetic Request Submission Dataset Retrieve

Returns all dataset values for a given submission. For use inside of subtrees.


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Detailed Description

Returns an XML string of the dataset name and value pairs. This is useful for inside subtrees because it allows you, after this handler is run, to have the equivalent of the @dataset references available.

This handler will format the results as such:

     <result name="Requested By Login ID">Allen</result>
     <result name="Requested By First Name">Allen</result>
     <result name="Requested By Last Name">Allbrook</result>
     <result name="Requested For Login ID">Allen</result>
     <result name="Requested For First Name">Allen</result>
     <result name="Requested For Last Name">Allbrook</result>
     <result name="REQ Number">KSR000000012345</result>
     <result name="CustomerSurveyInstanceId">AG001C29DAE499hgQTVA3dZHAQ7-0A</result>
     <result name="Submission/Approval Base Status">Completed</result>
     <result name="Internal Notes"></result>
     <result name="Submission Token"></result>
     <result name="OriginatingID">AG001C29DAE499hgQTVA3dZHAQ7-0A</result>
     <result name="Original Submission REQ Number">KSR000000017103</result>
     <result name="Request Submission Status">Open</result>
     <result name="Submitter">Allen</result>
     <result name="Service Item Name">A SI Template</result>
     <result name="Submission Date">Fri Sep 12 09:35:31 -0500 2014</result>
     <result name="Service Item Template Instance ID">KS10dda4e0904ba41baa0c47749526ba2c7</result>
     <result name="Category">YourCatalog</result>
     <result name="Submit Type"></result>
     <result name="ValidationStatus">Completed</result>
     <result name="Web Server URL"></result>


Name Description
Submission ID CustomerSurveyInstanceId or CustomerSurveyID (KSR) on the Request

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Submission ID KSR000000012345


Name Description
result The XML string of the dataset.

Change Log

Version Date Description
2 2015-07-15 Updated to support v3 or v4 Task
1 2014-09-12 Initial Version