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Kinetic Request Attribute Create

Creates attributes (KS_ATT_AttributeInstance) for the Kinetic Request Templates specified in the CSV File.


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Detailed Description

This handler can mass create attributes for Kinetic Request Templates (what you see on the settings tab).

This handler is meant to be used in a tree of a utility service item and uses the CSV file attached to the specified Customer Survey Instance ID of the template with Survey Template Instance ID in the question and processes the attributes listed in Attribute List for all rows of the csv. One of the columns in the CSV *must* be called Service Item Name and this must contain the Service Item name for that row of data. 

This handler expects a two-level categorization (if categorization is included, level 1 :: level 2. Each level is it's own column, Category1 and Category2. Any other column should have the same name as it's attribute.

If the handler can't match the Service Item Name to an existing template, it will skip that row and continue on. If the handler can't match an attribute in Attribute List with an Attribute Type in the system, the handler will skip that column and continue on. The handler will only process columns for attributes in Attribute List even if there are other columns in the file. 

Note: This handler does not check for existing attributes. If an attribute already exists and allows multiple, this will create a duplicate. If the attribute already exists and doesn't allow multiple, this handler will fail.

NOTE: This handler expects the service item name(s) to be unique on the system, not just in a catalog. Changes will have to be made if this is not the case.

This handler is intended for a use as a model, to be modified to fit the specific situation.


Name Description
Customer Survey Instance ID  The instance id of the Kinetic Request submission to be updated (defaults to "<%=@base['CustomerSurveyInstanceId']%>").
Survey Template Instance ID The instance id of the Kinetic Request Template to be updated (defaults to  "<%=@base['surveyTemplateInstanceID']%>").
CSV File Menu label of the attachment field
Attribute List This field should contain the list of attributes to be loaded in a comma separated list, with no space after the comma. The only spaces should be the ones in the attribute names.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Customer Survey Instance ID <%=@base['CustomerSurveyInstanceId']%>
Survey Template Instance ID <%=@base['surveyTemplateInstanceID']%>
CSV File Attribute File
Attribute List Category,IncidentTemplate


Name Description
Status Success
Result Message 3 Rows Processed. 1 Service Items Not Found. 1 Attributes Not Found

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 Mar 21, 2014 Initial Version