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Retrieves Submission Answers. For use inside of subtrees/routines.


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Request RE pre 5.2 version users should use this version:

Request RE 5.2 version or greater users should use this version:

Detailed Description

Retrieves a specific submission's answers. This is useful for inside subtrees/routines because it allows you, after this handler is run, to have the equivalent of the @answers references available. 

This handler will format the results as such:

      <result name="Notes">asdf</result>
      <result name="Submitter First Name">Allen</result>
      <result name="Submitter Last Name">Allbrook</result>
      <result name="Submitter People Number">PPL000000000013</result>
      <result name="Submitter Email Address"></result>
      <result name="Submitter Network Id">Allen</result>
      <result name="Submitter Remedy Id">Allen</result>
      <result name="Requested For Cost Center">225276-B</result>
      <result name="Requested For Department">Customer Service</result>
      <result name="Requested For Email"></result>
      <result name="Requested For Employee Type">Office-Based Employee</result>
      <result name="Requested For First Name">Allen</result>
      <result name="Requested For Last Name">Allbrook</result>
      <result name="Requested For Manager Remedy Id">Allen</result>
      <result name="Requested For Network Id">Allen</result>
      <result name="Requested For Office Location">United States</result>
      <result name="Requested For Region">Americas</result>
      <result name="Requested For Remedy Id">Allen</result>
      <result name="Requested For Site">Headquarters, Building 1.31</result>
      <result name="Requested For Work Phone Number">1 212 555-5454 (11)</result>
      <result name="Validation Status">Draft - Incomplete</result>
      <result name="Request Status">Open</result>
      <result name="Save For Later Sw">No</result>
      <result name="Validation Test">1234</result>
      <result name="area code">asd</result>


Name Description
Submission ID CustomerSurveyInstanceId or CustomerSurveyID (KSR) on the Request

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Submission ID AG001C29DAE499hgQTVA3dZHAQ7-0A


Name Description
result The XML string of the dataset.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-09-12 Initial Version
2 2015-12-18 Modified to use 5.2 unlimited answer functionality.