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Jira Issue Retrieve

This handler retrieves an issue from a Jira project.


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WARNING: This handler uses basic authentication, so if your site is not configured for SSL your username and password will be sent insecurely.

Detailed Description

This handler uses the Jira Rest API library to retrieve an issue from a Jira project. The handler takes a issue key and and then retrieves information about that issue in JSON form. The handler then converts that JSON into XML that the handler can return to the  task engine. (WARNING: Using this handler without enabling SSL will not be secure). Any errors that occur during the process will be caught and re-raised by this handler..


Name Description
Key The key of the issue that you wish to retrieve.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Key KTP-1


Name Description
Id The Id of the issue.
Project Key The project key of the issue.
Project Name The project name of the issue
Creator Name The username of the issue creator.
Creator Email Address The email address of the issue creator.
Status Name The name of the project status.
Issue Type Name The type of the issue (ie. Bug, New Feature, Task, etc).
Description An in-depth explanation of the issue.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-Jul-30 Initial Version