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Jira Issue Create

This handler creates a new issue in a Jira project.


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WARNING: This handler uses basic authentication, so if your site is not configured for SSL your username and password will be sent insecurely.

Detailed Description

This handler uses the Jira Rest API library to create an issue within a Jira project. The handler first puts the data that was inputted into the JSON format and then posts that information using a REST call with basic auth. (WARNING: Using this handler without enabling SSL will not be secure). The id, key, and url of the issue will be returned by the handler. Any errors that occur during the process will be caught and re-raised by this handler.


Name Description
Summary A summary of the issue.
Project Key The Key of the project that the issue will be added to.
Issue Type The name of the issue type (ie. Bug, New Feature, Task, etc).
Priority The name of the issue priority (ie. Major, Minor, Critical, etc).
Assignee The username of the person you want to assign this issue to.
Due Date The due date of the issue in the form of YYYY-MM-DD.
Description An in-depth explanation of the issue.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Summary Something is broken
Project Key DEMO
Issue Type Bug
Priority Major
Assignee joe.user
Due Date 2014-08-22
Description Specifics about the bug


Name Description
Id The id of the issue that was created.
Key The key of the issue that was created.
Url The url of the issue that was created.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-02-11 Initial Version