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GitHub Organization Repository Creation

This handler is used for creating a new repository within an existing organization on GitHub


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This handler requires that you are running at least Kinetic Task 2.0.

Detailed Description

This handler is used for adding another user to an existing GitHub organization.  

Getting your GitHub access_token API access token

1.) Go to the settings page of the desired organization you wish to publish a repository to.  You must have an exiting organization created within GitHub. 

2.) Under the 'OAuth applications' section, select the app you wish to use to publish a repository to or create a new one.  Pay carful attention to the callback URL you select, as this callback URL will be where the access_token will be sent.  

3.)  If you do not have a hosted URL that you can receive the access_token at, you can simply use an app such as Postman ( to receive the access token in a callback using the Client ID and Client Secret found in the OAuth Application's general page on  

4.) Once you have a means to receive a callback  from GitHub's API, such as postman, you may make the request using the client ID and client secret.  

5.)  Once you request the access_token from github, you will receive the access_token necessary for making all API calls concerning this specific organization's OAuth Application that you have create.  

This API token essentially is a password for the user. The user can delete this token at  any time in their GitHub settings/applications to revoke access of any applications using it.


Name Description
Name Name of the repository that you wish to create.  
Description  The description of the repository you are creating 

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Name Acme_Application 
Description This is an Acme Application created by... 


This handler returns no results.

No exceptions will be raised for cases such as mispelled organization names or invalid repositories.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2016-03-01 Initial Version