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Basecamp Calendar Update

This handler allows you to update the name of a calendar in Basecamp.


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This handler requires that you are running at least Kinetic Task 2.0.

Detailed Description

This handler allows you to update the name of a current calendar. There must be exactly one calendar with the given name, and no calendars with the new project name, or an exception will be raised.
Getting your User Id Number
1. In a browser, login to your account.
2. In the URL, your user id comes right after the host name.


Name Description
Calendar Name The current name of the calendar.
New Calendar Name The name you wish to change the current name to.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Calendar Name Temporary Calendar
New Calendar Name Permanent Calendar


This handler returns no results.

An exception is raised if there is not exactly one calendar with the given current calendar name, or if there is an existing calendar with the given new calendar name.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2013-06-20 Initial Version