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BMC ITSM8 Association to Incident Create

Creates a relationship between a another record, like a CI, and an change using the HPD:Association form. One HPD:Association record is created, which creates the relationship from the incident to the other record, the other side of the relationship must be created. For asset, the Asset Association Create handler is needed to create the other half of the relationship (from the asset to the incident).


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Detailed Description

This handler creates a record in the HPD:Associations form based on the information input by the end user, and returns the Request ID of the record created.  The handler is just half of the equation. It should be used in conjunction with this handler if relating to assets and this handler if relating to changes.


Name Description
Dataset ID The Dataset ID, usually BMC.ASSET. default: BMC.ASSET
Lookup Keyword  The lookup keyword the item (for CMDB relationships, the ClassID ex: BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM). default: BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM
Form Name 01 Form Name 01 (for CMDB relationships, the Asset form name, ex: AST:ComputerSystem. default: AST:ComputerSystem
Form Name 02 Form Name 02 (the change form name, ex: HPD:Help Desk). default: HPD:Help Desk
Related Item ReconID Reconciliation ID of the item being related 
Incident Number INC Number
Related Item Name Related item name (i.e., server name) 
Association Type Association type (ex: 'Related to'). default: Related to 
Request Type Request Type (ex: 'Configuration Item'). default: Configuration Item 

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Form Name 01  AST:ComputerSystem
Form Name 02 HPD:Help Desk
Related Item ReconID RE005054661F4Us1NYA8XgpDab 
Incident Number INC000000012352
Related Item Name WinBlade123 
Association Type Related to 
Request Type Configuration Item


Name Description
HPD:Associations Entry ID The 'Association ID' (field 1) of the generated relationship.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2015-12-14 Initial Version