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BMC ITSM7 Incident To Incident Relationship Create

Creates a relationship between two incidents using the HPD:Association form. One HPD:Association record is created.  Use TWO of these in a task tree to complete the full relationships: Ticket 1 --> Ticket 2 and Ticket 2 --> Ticket 1


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Detailed Description

A proper relationship between two Incidents within ITSM is to have two relationships, Ticket 1 to Ticket 2, and Ticket 2 to Ticket 1.  Use two task nodes for this, as the input parameter values are switched between the two HPD:Associations records.
The following data is used to create the 'HPD:Associations' record:
* References the summary field values for the identified tickets from the HPD:Help Desk 
  - 'Request Description01'         => Value returned by the lookup of the summary description of Incident Number 1
* Maps the following field values of the HPD_Associations form to the field values provided:
  - 'Form Name01'                   => 'HPD:Help Desk'
  - 'Form Name02'                   => 'HPD:Help Desk'
  - 'Request Type01'                => 'Incident'
* Maps the following field values to the values of the specified parameters:
  - 'Request ID01'                  => "Incident Number 1"
  - 'Request ID02'                  => "Incident Number 2"
  - 'Association Type01'            => "Association Type"


Name Description
Incident Number 1 The incident number of one of the tickets.
Incident Number 2 The incident number for the second ticket.
Association type The type of relationship being created.
Submitter Logon ID Remedy usercode to be user identified as the Submitter of the relationships.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Incident Number 1 <%=@result['Primary Incident']['Incident Number']%>
Incident Number 2 <%=@result['Secondary Incident']['Incident Number']%>
Association Type Related to
Submitter Logon ID KD_WEBUSER


Name Description
Association ID The 'Association ID' (field 1) of the generated relationship.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2011-10-13 Initial Version