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Remedy Generic Find

Retrieves request IDs (field 1) and Instance IDs (field 179) for Remedy entries for the form entered using the query specified.


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Detailed Description

This handler has the ability to have form caching disabled. To disable form caching set disable_caching to "Yes". Note that this should not be done in production as it can cause preformance loss. This handler returns the request ids (field 1) for all records in the specified form that match the provided query. This is returned in XML format (like below) for use in loops.

000000000000013 000000000000381 000000000002582

It also returns the instance ids (field 179) in a similar format:

AG0050569A648CU5tSUAUcZMAgc8AC AG0050569A648ClZtSUAkMVNAgVcYC AG0050569A648CMZtSUAKUBMAgMrkC

It also returns a count of the number of records found. It returns zero if there were no matches (not nil).


Name Description
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered.
Remedy Form: Remedy Form Name (not display name), eg. People is CTM:People
Query: The query to search by

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Error Handling Error Message
Remedy Form:


Name Description
Handler Error Message Error message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".

Change Log

Version Date Description
4 2019-03-25 * Added NDNF to handler Remedy Generic Find (2012-05-29)
* Initial version. See README for details. V2
*Added instance ID list to returned values. V3
*Generic Handler could not use the preinitialize_on_first_load method. Instead get_remedy_form is used to load the form and add it to the cache V4
*Added a count to the returned values. V4 Update (2017-Jun-27)
*Made it possible to return 0 values without causing/raising error.