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Remedy Generic Dataload

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Detailed Description

This handler takes a CSV file with Remedy form DB field names in the first row and loads the data into the specified Remedy form.


Name Description
Remedy Form Name of Remedy form to load data into
CSV File Menu label of the attachment field containing csv file with header row.
Submission ID Instance ID of submitted item containing the attachment

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Remedy Form KS_SAMPLE_People
CSV File Attachment
Submission ID <%=@base['CustomerSurveyInstanceId']%>


Name Description
Status Success or Error
Error Code Error Code if one is present
Result Message Message, ex. "2 records created" returned by create.

Change Log

Version Date Description
2 8/30/2016 Allows loading of CSV with return characters.
1 8/25/2016 Initial Version