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BMC CMDB9 Memory Create

Creates BMC CMDB Memory record.


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Detailed Description

NOTE: This handler uses the BMC ARS REST API. This must be configured as specified here: for the handler to function. If you do not want to or cannot configure the REST API in your environment, the ITSM7 and 8 handlers should still work for the time being. They use the Java API. Until support for that is discontinued, those handlers should continue to work.
Creates a CMDB BMC_Memory record in the dataset and namespace provided.
Note that this is meant to be a simple example you can take and build off of for different classes.


Name Description
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered. valid values: Error Message, Raise Error
Dataset The dataset to create the record in. Defaults to: BMC.ASSET.SANDBOX
Namespace Namespace for the asset/asset type. Defaults to: BMC.CORE
Name Name to give the memory asset when it is created.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Error Handling Error Message
Namespace BMC.CORE
Name <%=@answers['Memory Name']%>


Instance ID Instance ID of the created asset

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2016-09-20 Initial Version