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Using results from the Remedy Generic Retrieve handler

The "Remedy Generic Retrieve" handler is a great handler to retrieve values form a record in any Remedy form.  Due to its generic nature it is more difficult to use the values returned from this handler.


After retrieving results using "Remedy Generic Retrieve" an echo node and some addional Ruby code can be used to pull out an specific Remedy field value from the results. The example below shows how the value from "Character Field8" can be extracted from the "Retrieve ID Approvers" Task Tree node.


The following is example code from an "Echo" node which follows a "Remedy Generic Retrieve" handler node labled "Retrieve ID Approvers".  "Character Field8" is the Remedy field name.

doc =['Retrieve ID Approvers']['field_list'])
REXML::XPath.first(doc, "//field_list/field[@id='Character Field8']").text