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Using Enum fields in Task Handler Return Variables

Demonstrates how to use Remedy Enum fields in task handler return variables.


Remedy Enum fields (such as the Status field - id 7) that are used in task handlers are complex objects that include more information than just the String value you most likely need.  This is due to the fact that enum fields also contain an integer offset that indicates its place in the list of values.
To return just the String value of the selected Enum field, you need to get the "value" property of the ArsModels entry.


Say you have an ArsModels Entry variable named "entry", which represents the record you just read from the Remedy system.  To return the "Status" field value in the task handler return variables, the "value" property of the Status field must be called.  The following code demonstrates the usage of this, along side a regular Remedy Character field, so you can see the difference between how the fields are treated:
  <result name="Status">#{escape(entry['Status'].value)}</result>
  <result name="Summary">#{escape(entry['Summary'])}</result>