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Resolving Issue with Wait Nodes not Waiting in Version 3

After installing version 3.0 (through early installs of 3.1.1) you find that wait handlers are not waiting to process.  Instead, they are processing immediately.  This is due to an issue with the installation of the Remedy workflow.  The issue is fixed and repackaged in version 3.1.1.  Some early adopters of 3.1.1 may experience this issue.

Verification and Resolution

To verify if this is an issue in your environment log in to your Remedy server using either the Remedy Administrator or BMC Developer Studio tools.  Open the filter guide named KS_TSK_WAIT_SetUnit.  This guide should have the following four filters listed in it:

  • KS_TSK_WAIT_SetUnit_Day
  • KS_TSK_WAIT_SetUnit_Hour
  • KS_TSK_WAIT_SetUnit_Minute
  • KS_TSK_WAIT_SetUnit_Week


If they exist in the guide nothing needs to be done.  If they do not exist in the guide you will need to add them into it in the order that they are listed above.

If this does not resolve any issue you are having with wait handlers processing immediately please contact support.