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Manually Starting Nodes with Triggers


How to restart a task tree after an error by starting from a specific node.


Sometimes, a task tree will error out, and there is no option (or no good option) to retry a trigger on the node that failed. In cases like this, you can create a trigger that will start at a node farther down in the tree that continues processing.

WARNING: this process may skip failed nodes that provide results used in nodes farther down the tree. Also, it has caused other problems with nodes not firing. This is not a supported procedure. If possible, the best course of action is to resubmit the request.

Go to the form KS_TSK_Trigger and manually create a New trigger . Here are the fields that you need. 
Using v3.0 for this example
  • source - Kinetic Request
  • source_id - this is the submission Id of the request. Same Id that is used for searching on the executions tab
  • task_tree_instance_id - instance id of the tree from the KS_TSK_Tree form in Remedy
  • task_tree_node_id - name of the node you want to start on. You can use the id of the node with the number that is added to the end of the name.
  • action_type - Root
  • execution_type - Active
  • Status - New
  • assignee_group - Public
Put in a description to remind anyone who sees this why you restarted (255 characters max)


Here is a screenshot of the KS_TSK_Trigger Remedy form with a sample trigger filled out:

New Trigger Form.JPG


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