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Creating a BMC ITSM7 Incident Gives a Person Error

ITSM7 Incident Interface Create matches People records by Names only. This can cause issues when interfacing task with Incident.


When using the  Incident Template Create handlers with ITSM7 (not ITSM8--the issue appears to have been fixed by BMC in ITSM8) people are searched for by name matches only, which can often cause the system to find either multiple matches or to select the incorrect person, sometimes even out of the wrong company in multiple tenancy situations. This is, obviously, clearly unacceptable. It has to do with the HPD:HII:CreateIncident_020_GetPPLInfo filter, which has a run-if criteria of

('First_Name' != $NULL$) AND ('Last_Name' != $NULL$) AND ('Middle Initial' != $NULL$) AND ('Login_ID' = $NULL$) AND ('Corporate ID' = $NULL$) AND ('z1D_Action' = "CREATE")

but searches for a match in CTM:People using this qualification:

('First Name' = $First_Name$) AND ('Last Name' = $Last_Name$) AND ('Middle Initial' = $Middle Initial$)

This, clearly, will find a person only by name and could find people across company, etc. even if a person's login ID was specified when the incident was created.


To solve this problem, you can copy this filter, lower the execution order from 109 to 108 so the new filter will execute first (you want to run the more specific query first). Then set the run if criteria to:

(('Login_ID' != $NULL$) OR ('Corporate ID' != $NULL$)) AND ('z1D_Action' = "CREATE")

and search in the CTM:People form by the qualification:

(($Login_ID$ != $NULL$) AND ('Remedy Login ID' = $Login_ID$)) OR (($Corporate ID$ != $NULL$) AND ($Corporate ID$ = 'Corporate ID'))

And that should provide you with the necessary match if the Login ID and/or corporate ID for the customer was provided when the incident was created. This also allows you to make the necessary modifications without changing any out of the box workflow, so it should be preserved on upgrade.

In ITSM8, BMC has added a service to do this full people lookup and put the people lookup into a full filter guide.