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Backup Approver Example

How to setup a Backup Approver in the Task Builder


Backup approvers are an often asked for feature for many business processes. Implementing them in the new Task Engine is very different than the previous (v4.x) version.

In this example I'll show how to setup a timed based backup approval process.


After three days, the original approval is canceled and the backup approver is sent an email to approve.

The service item will provide the user IDs of the approvers but no other information.

The original approvers link must be cancelled/expired when the backup approver is activated.


Nodes Needed

Person Lookup - used to translate the Remedy login to useable information

Create Approval - creates the targeted approval and the sends the email for both original and backup approvers

Wait - creates the delay for the backup approver

No Ops - used to represent other non-essential tasks like creating tickets

Submission Expired - expires the original approvers record

Connectors Needed

Create Connector from the original approval to the wait connector

Complete Connector with Validation Status check

Complete Connectors with Approval and Denial checks

Check to Continue

There are two important parts that make this example work.

First, if the Validation status of the original request is still equal to Awaiting Approval after the wait node completes, then we know the original approval has not been completed. You can check this on the connector that comes after the wait node, because Validation Status is an attribute (Base Value) of the original Request.

Second, if we are going to activate the backup approver, the original approvers record needs to be cancelled/expired. This is done with a standard submission expired node available on the Kinetic Task Community


Here is a screenshot of the process:

Backup Approver Process.jpg