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External Identity Stores

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Identity stores are databases or directories that store user and group information.  By default, Kinetic Task stores user and group information in its own local database.  Most organizations have some type of directory service that already contains their user and group information.  Using the appropriate identity store authenticator, Kinetic Task can use the information held in these external stores rather than having to duplicate the information within Kinetic Task.


External identity stores are supported by Kinetic Task v4.0 and later.


  • The LDAP Identity Store allows external user and group information to be utilized by Kinetic Task v4 without having to add the user and group data into Kinetic Task.  This has the following benefits: The same login credentials can be shared with other applications. There is a single place to manage users and groups. No need to keep the internal users database synced with the LDAP directory. Utilizes the existing / complex password policy rules that built-in to LDAP.