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ArsModels is a Ruby library for creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting records in Remedy.  It is generally used for writing Task Handlers that interact with Remedy.

Quick Start

See the Quick Start article for a brief introduction to the ArsModels library.  For more detailed documentation on ArsModels refer to the class documentation listed below.

ArsModels Classes

Context Contains the information necessary to perform ARS API calls including authentication information like username and password as well as server information like server name and port number.  An instance of this class will be required to make any calls with ars models.  This class wraps the ARServerUser class from the ARS Java API.
Form The ArsModels Form class represents a loaded form definition.  An instance of Form is used to make create, retrieve, update, and delete calls to the database.  The Form instance also stores an array of ArsModels Fields instances that are loaded with the form definition.
Entry The ArsModels Entry class represents a record in Remedy.  An Entry instance stores field values for each of the fields loaded with the entry as well as the form the record is from.
AttachmentFieldValue This class represents an attachment field value.  It contains data about the attachment including the file name, size, and content.
CurrencyFieldValue This class represents a currency field value.  It contains data about the currency value including the value, currency, and conversion date.
DiaryFieldValue This class represents a diary field value.  It contains data about the diary value including the text and history.
EnumFieldValue This class represents an enum field value.  It contains data about the selected enumeration option including the option id and the name value of the option.