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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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In addition to various performance improvements and minor bug fixes, Kinetic Task 4.2 upgrades to JRuby (effectively upgrading from Ruby 1.9 to Ruby 2.0 compatibility and improving Unicode support) and includes the ability to use Kinetic Request CE as an authentication source. This allows for Kinetic Task to be used and secured based upon Kinetic Request CE users and teams, without duplicating user information.

See the Task Handler and Task Source documentation for more technical information.


Web Application Server

Tomcat 7.0 or greater​

Java Java 1.8.0 or greater - either 32-bit or 64-bit


Download Kinetic Task by registering on our site.  You will receive a link to download the file via email.  Then follow the instructions in the installation guide.

The install files include both a stand-alone .war file and a full Tomcat to easily get up and running.

Kinetic Task can run in trial mode without applying a license.  For production use please contact Kinetic Data sales to purchase a license or support to have a license generated for an existing purchase.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Kinetic Task comes with an embedded H2 database to make it easy to get started. This database is not meant for Production Use. Until you configure Kinetic Task for a there will be a warning message displayed at the top of each page, and a more detailed error on the Change Database console.

Upgrade Process

For information about upgrading the Kinetic Task application please use the Upgrade Process link.

4.2.0 Change Log

* KT-828 Upgrade to JRuby 9000 (Ruby 2.0) 
* KT-830 Implement ability to use Kinetic Request CE as an authentication source

* KT-827 Upgrade H2 library (embedded database) to 1.4.193
* KT-829 Upgrade C3P0 library (JDBC connection pooling) to 
* KT-835 Provide mechanism to link directly into filtered Run/Tree lists
* KT-836 Update Kinetic Request CE source adapter to support membership webhooks
* KT-840 Increase the REXML Document entity expansion text limit 
* KT-841 Include the 'time' Ruby standard library

* KT-838 Users that have access to the Trees console, but not the Sources console, can't create new trees
* KT-845 Run errors with an invalid type prevent the error console from being displayed

Web Server Recommendations

Web Application Server Tomcat 7.0.77+
Web Server Heap Memory Minimum 512MB (-Xms512m)
Maximum 1024MB (-Xmx1024m)

The recommended properties can be added to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for the web server.  If running a Tomcat server, the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable should be used instead. 

  • If running a Tomcat server in a Linux environment, the properties should be added to the <tomcat>/bin/ file.  Simply create the file if it doesn't exist, and ensure the file has execute permission (chmod +x
    • export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m"
  • If running a Tomcat server as a Windows service, the properties must be added to the Windows registry.  The recommended way to do this is to use the Tomcat Monitor application.  
    • The initial memory pool setting is the same as the -Xms property, so set this to 512 MB.
    • The maximum memory pool setting is the same as the -Xmx property, so set this to 1024 MB.
  • If running a Tomcat server manually from a Windows command prompt, the properties should be added to the <tomcat>/bin/setenv.bat file.  Simply create the setenv.bat file if it doesn't exist.
    • SET CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m"
  • If running any other web server, consult the web server documentation for setting Java options.