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Kinetic Task 4.0 now allows your organization to easily add workflow automation to nearly any process from request management approvals to SLA’s to network alerts.  Platform-agnostic, Kinetic Task can communicate with virtually any enterprise application, such as ERP, human resources and ITSM platforms through its open architecture. With Kinetic Task, enterprises benefit from a non-proprietary approach for centralized business process automation and service delivery management. Kinetic Task 4.0 now runs completely stand-alone without any platform dependencies.  Trigger tasks and workflow from your Remedy application, service catalog,, JIRA ServiceNow or almost any other system Open architecture allows customers to extend our connectors (both inbound and outbound) for custom systems or tailor an existing connector to specific requirements of other applications See the Task Handler and Task Source documentation for more technical information.


Web Application Server

Tomcat 5.5 or greater​

Java Java 1.6.0 or greater - either 32-bit or 64-bit


Download Kinetic Task by registering on our site.  You will receive a link to download the file via email.  Then follow the instructions in the installation guide.

The install files include both a stand-alone .war file and a full Tomcat to easily get up and running.

Kinetic Task can run in trial mode without applying a license.  For production use please contact Kinetic Data sales to purchase a license or support to have a license generated for an existing purchase.

4.0.2 Change Log


  • KT-672 - treeBuilder.jsp needs to use escape method
  • KT-679 - Unable to edit Task Handler without changing all sensitive properties
  • KT-680 - Unable to edit Source without changing all sensitive properties
  • KT-684 - Exclude instances in "New" status from previous results
  • KT-685 - The v1 API does not correctly decode path segments that contain "+" characters.  It decodes them as space characters.  This is incorrect for path segments, however it would be correct for query parameters.
  • KT-687 - Handler usage page shows incorrect tree updated at values
  • KT-696 - An error is raised when saving to a Join form
  • KT-697 - Error in ars models parsing date field values in jruby 1.7.12
  • KT-703 - Utilities Create Trigger improperly uses its own loop context rather than the loop context of the targetted node
  • KT-705 - Tree import does not set process owner email
  • KT-706 - Update closest common ancestor logic
  • KT-708 - Inactive trees run when a trigger is created for the start node.
  • KT-709 - Breadcrumbs fall off the left of the screen in Firefox.
  • KT-712 - Error with loop results
  • KT-715 - Deferred tasks do not have loop indexes listed in timeline view
  • KT-716 - Label on edit field pop-up is incorrect on builder
  • KT-717 - Importing tree error in IE9
  • KT-718 - Within Task 4, with long field labels that can't/don't wrap, the "pencil" icons are forced off the input screen.
  • KT-719 - Cannot delete nodes in task builder in IE 8
  • KT-720 - Find node functionality in task builder is not updated if nodes are deleted
  • KT-721 - Connector new lines are being lost in routines
  • KT-724 - List of handlers on the categorization page is not sorted alphabetically


  • KT-699 - Add pagination / filtering to the handlers list

Web Server Recommendations

Web Application Server Tomcat 7.0.54+
Web Server Heap Memory

Minimum 512MB (-Xms512m)

Maximum 1024MB (-Xmx1024m)

Web Server PermGen

Applies only to Java 1.6 or Java 1.7.  Does NOT apply if using Java 1.8.

Maximum 256MB (-XX:MaxPermSize=256m)

The recommended properties can be added to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for the web server.  If running a Tomcat server, the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable should be used instead. 

  • If running a Tomcat server in a Linux environment, the properties should be added to the <tomcat>/bin/ file.  Simply create the file if it doesn't exist, and ensure the file has execute permission (chmod +x
    • export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
  • If running a Tomcat server as a Windows service, the properties must be added to the Windows registry.  The recommended way to do this is to use the Tomcat Monitor application.  
    • The initial memory pool setting is the same as the -Xms property, so set this to 512 MB.
    • The maximum memory pool setting is the same as the -Xmx property, so set this to 1024 MB.
    • The maximum permgen size must be added to the Java Options property.  This field only allows one option per line, so add the following on the first blank line after all the other options:
      • -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
  • If running a Tomcat server manually from a Windows command prompt, the properties should be added to the <tomcat>/bin/setenv.bat file.  Simply create the setenv.bat file if it doesn't exist.
    • SET CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
  • If running any other web server, consult the web server documentation for setting Java options.