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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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2012-03-31 - Implements a new pure HTML task builder, encrypted task info values, task handler and task tree pausing, and distributed task engines. Compatible with Kinetic Request v5.1 (with applied Task 3.0 compatibility package).


Upgrading from 1.0.3

NOTE: If installing into a 7.6 or greater version of Remedy, you MUST set to Base Development mode using BMC Developer Studio.

Remedy Workflow and Data

  1. Import definition files with Developer Studio/Remedy Administrator (files found in Remedy/Definitions directory)
  • KineticTask_Forms.def (replace existing objects and replace conflicting types)
  • KineticTask_Join_Forms.def (replace existing objects and replace conflicting types)
  • KineticTask_Workflow (replace existing objects)
  • KineticTask_KineticRequestIntegration.def (replace existing objects)
  1. Import data files with BMC Remedy Import or BMC Remedy Data Import (ARX data files found in Remedy/data/ directory)
  • Group.arx


Web Application

  • 32-bit JDK (v5+)
  • Apache Tomcat (v5.5+)


  • The location of the Remedy C API v7.0.1 files must be added to the system PATH environment variable.  These files are provided in the Web/lib/Ars701Api directory of this package in case they are not already installed on the web server. 
  • It is recommended to use a separate Tomcat container for each main web application (Kinetic SR, and Kinetic Task), and another Tomcat container for all the bridge application.  This makes it easier to deploy and maintain each web application.
  • If a single Tomcat container must be used, then care must be taken to ensure the Remedy Java API library files (arapi70.jar, arutil70.jar) are in a shared classpath location.  The shared classpath location for Tomcat 5.5 is the <tomcat>/shared/lib directory, and for Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7 the shared classpath location is the <tomcat>/lib directory.



  1. Ensure the Remedy C Api v7.0.1 files are installed on the web server, and ensure this directory has been added to the system environment PATH variable.
  2. BACKUP your existing kinetic directory located at <tomcat>/webapps/kinetic.
  3. Delete the <tomcat>/work directory, as this will clear the compiled JSP page cache.
  4. Copy the Web/apps/kineticTask.war file to the <tomcat>/webapps directory of the Tomcat server that will be running Kinetic Task.  Tomcat will automatically deploy and update the existing web application.
  5. Restart Tomcat and the web application should automatically deploy over the top of the existing files.  In some instances the application will not automatically deploy over the top of an existing application with the same name.  In these cases you will need to stop Tomcat, delete your existing kineticTask directory (make sure it has been backed up) and then restart Tomcat.
  6. Log into the Admin Console and configure the properties.
    1. The default web admin account is admin/admin
    2. The web address will be in the form of http://webserver:port/kineticTask/AdminConsole