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Kinetic Task - Version 4.3.1

Release Overview

Version 4.3.1 was released to fix a packaging bug with the 4.3.0 release.  The list of available authenticators was omitted in 4.3.0, making it impossible to change the authenticator settings from the administration console.

Starting with Version 4.3.0, Kinetic Task now includes every source consumer that Kinetic Data has built out of the box including the latest Kinetic Request CE source consumer. The release also adds additional support for configuring Oracle Database settings and fixes a number of minor bugs.

New Installation Instructions


.war file download: Kinetic Task v4.3.1

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Kinetic Task comes with an embedded H2 database to make it easy to get started. This database is not meant for Production Use. Until you configure Kinetic Task for a there will be a warning message displayed at the top of each page, and a more detailed error on the Change Database console.


  1. Ensure Tomcat is Running
  2. Copy the kinetic-task (.war file) to the <tomcat-home>/webapps directory
  3. Optionally configure the applications data directory to store configurations outside of the kinetic-task webapp (this will make future upgrades much easier).
  4. Navigate to the Task console (http://your-web-server/kinetic-task)
  5. The default admin username & password is admin/admin
  6. See the following articles to get started:

Related Product Install Guides

Typically, customers will extend Kinetic Task's functionality by installing the following components as well:

Kinetic Request CE:  The front end form & portal builder commonly used to augment Task Processes that have manual steps completed by humans. Kinetic Request allows administrators to build forms using our intuitive, drag & drop form builder. Once forms are submitted by end users, they run their own processes in Kinetic Task. (Install Guide)

Kinetic Bridgehub: The front-end integration hub used to store and run various Bridge Adapters that will be used to access data from different systems and convert it into a single, standardized bridging interface. (Install Guide)

Kinetic Filehub: The file storage and retrieval hub containing various Filestore Adapters that can be used to access files from different systems using a single, standardized interface. (Install Guide)

Upgrade Instructions


** This version of Kinetic Task includes the latest Kinetic Request CE source consumer which uses an updated Tree naming convention. Previous Kinetic Request CE consumers followed a Tree naming convention of (  kapp-slug > form-slug :: Complete  ). Trees configured with the older naming convention will continue to work normally, however they should eventually be cloned and renamed with the new convention. For more information on the Kinetic Request CE source consumer see this article.

Download this version of Kinetic Task web archive (.war) above .  


  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Delete Tomcat Cache for Kinetic Task.  tomcat_home/work/Catalina/localhost/kinetic-task
  3. Move the current kinetic-task directory (for a backup) any place outside of Tomcat.
  4. Copy the new .war file into tomcat_home/webapps.
  5. Restart Tomcat
  6. Navigate to the Task console (http://your-web-server/kinetic-task)
  7. If there were database changes made between the previous version and current version, follow the steps in the installation wizard to upgrade your database.
  8. Configure the Admin User, Database, and Sources if needed. See this Community article for detailed instructions.
  9. Review/compare the Consumers from the backed up version (copied in step 3) with kinetic-task/WEB-INF/consumers. Starting in Kinetic Task v4.3 all out-of-box consumers are included with the install. If you've made customizations to your consumers, you can overwrite the ones included in the install.
  10. Copy any Consumers from the backup Consumers into the updated Consumers folder.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

* KT-963: Cannot change the authenticator settings on the setup page of the administration console.

Web Server Recommendations

Web Application Server Tomcat 7.0.77+
Web Server Heap Memory Minimum 512MB (-Xms512m)
Maximum 1024MB (-Xmx1024m)

The recommended properties can be added to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable for the web server.  If running a Tomcat server, the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable should be used instead. 

  • If running a Tomcat server in a Linux environment, the properties should be added to the <tomcat>/bin/ file.  Simply create the file if it doesn't exist, and ensure the file has execute permission (chmod +x
    • export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m"
  • If running a Tomcat server as a Windows service, the properties must be added to the Windows registry.  The recommended way to do this is to use the Tomcat Monitor application.  
    • The initial memory pool setting is the same as the -Xms property, so set this to 512 MB.
    • The maximum memory pool setting is the same as the -Xmx property, so set this to 1024 MB.
  • If running a Tomcat server manually from a Windows command prompt, the properties should be added to the <tomcat>/bin/setenv.bat file.  Simply create the setenv.bat file if it doesn't exist.
    • SET CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m"
  • If running any other web server, consult the web server documentation for setting Java options.