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What's New

This page describes the features and enhancements implemented in Kinetic Task 4.0.  If you are looking for the features and enhancements implemented in other versions see the documentation for each version.  For example for Kinetic Task 3.2 see What's New in 3.2.


Kinetic Task 4.0 now allows your organization to easily add workflow automation to nearly any process from request management approvals to SLA’s to network alerts.  Platform-agnostic, Kinetic Task can communicate with virtually any enterprise application, such as ERP, human resources and ITSM platforms through its open architecture. With Kinetic Task, enterprises benefit from a non-proprietary approach for centralized business process automation and service delivery management.

Platform Agnostic

Kinetic Task 4.0 now runs completely stand-alone without any platform dependencies. 

  • Trigger tasks and workflow from your Remedy application, service catalog,, JIRA ServiceNow or almost any other system
  • Open architecture allows customers to extend our connectors (both inbound and outbound) for custom systems or tailor an existing connector to specific requirements of other applications

See the Task Handler and Task Source documentation for more technical information.

Ease of Use

The Kinetic Task console interface for authoring and managing tasks has been completely rebuilt to empower organizations to create their own processes as easily as possible. 

  • More intuitive navigation interface
  • Better visibility into performance of the task engine as a whole along with individual processes and connections
  • Easier searching for specific task runs, errors, and delayed or backlogged processes

Powerful REST API

Kinetic Task 4.0 now includes a full-featured REST API to more easily interact with the application for almost any need. 

  • Trigger tasks
  • Query tasks/processes linked to your application
  • Move/clone trees as your source system is updated

See the full API Documentation here.

Permission Model

Kinetic Task 4.0 now gives customers more control over who has access to what functions within the application.  No longer are users and groups the only way to manage authorization.  

  • Function-based authorization allows administrators to write rules based on time of day, groups, IP address, and any other slice of data available to the engine
  • Security policies can be applied individually for console activity, authoring, management, API access and more