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Creating and Using Connectors


How to create and use Connectors.


Connectors are used to connect nodes within a task tree. A Connector can be configured to check a qualification before proceeding from one node to the next. The three types of Connectors are Complete (default), Update, and Create. Update and Create are only used in conjunction with deferred nodes.

Adding Connectors

Click on the down triangle on the bottom of a node and drag to another node.


A circle indicates the beginning of the connector, and an arrow indicates the end of the connector. You can move either end (beginning or end) of the connector to another node by clicking on the end and dragging to another node. Please note that each Connector must have both a beginning and an end.  Connectors cannot have open connections.

Types of Connectors

There are three types of Connectors: Complete, Create, and Update.

Complete. Default connector type. Moves from beginning node to end node when the node goes to a closed status. Solid line.

Update. Used when an update trigger fires. Update connectors are used to notify or send messages when updates are processed. Almost always used with deferred nodes. Dashed line.

Create. Connector processes when the node completes its action (lookup, create, etc), but before it goes to a closed status. Almost always used with deferred nodes. Dotted line.


Moving Connectors

As your Business Processes and Nodes can change during their lifecyce Connectors can be moved from one Node to another.  To move a Connector: click (beginning or end), hold, and then drag to the desired Node.

Delete Connectors

To remove a Connector, click anywhere on the Connector to reveal the delete indicator (x). Click the x and confirm the deletion.

If a node is deleted, all attached connectors are deleted.

Parameters and Labels

One of the most valuable features of Connectors is the ability to add a qualification that restricts use of the Connector to specific situations.

Parameters are added just like Parameters on Nodes except they do not require ERB tags (<%=  =>).


Connectors with a Parameter require a label.