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Configure the Notify on Run Error Tree


The Notify on Run Error tree is the only tree included with an install of Kinetic Task. It is meant to notify via email when an error happens. Because of the variety of options, it needs to be configured before it will work.



The tree is broken into two sections, configuring values, and sending notifications. These values are specific by customer, so cannot be configured.

It is also possible to customize this tree with other options for notification (IM, Social Media, Paging).


Three pieces of information are required:

From email address (Configure From Email Address) - used in the notification handlers, and used for Replies

System Owner Email Address (Configure System Owner Email Address) - Task Engine system owner

Web Server (Configure Web Server) - used to build a link to the error in the email

All three of these values are used in the notification tasks. All three values are usually hard coded in place rather than pulled from menus or looked up. The hard-coding is to help avoid errors in the error report tree (hello, loop).


There are two emails that can be configured for errors.

Notify System Owner - sends an email with information about the error (including a link)

Notify Process Owner - sends an email with information about the error (including a link)