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Tree Creation and Configuration


How to open and configure the Task Builder.​


Creating and modifying task trees is done primarily from the Tree Console. All trees are listed here.


Create New Tree

From the Trees console click the Add Tree button towards the top right above the trees list. At a minimum you need to configure the Source, Source Group and Name of the tree before it can be modified in the builder. Process Owner Email is used to notify (vial email) if there is an error related to the tree.



Active. Currently processing tree. New triggers accepted and processed,

Inactive. No new triggers accepted. Currently active runs allowed to complete.

Paused. Triggers created but not processed and no nodes processed until status set to Active.


Modify Tree

Click on the name of the tree to open the Tree Details page.


Number of Runs and Number of Errors are presented by default. Click on Edit to make any changes to the Source, Source Group, Name or Status (same dialog as creating a new tree).

Other Tree Options

The Actions drop-down (the chevron on the right side of the console) has four possible actions:

Builder. Opens the tree in the Task Builder (See below).

Run. Opens the Run dialog for the tree. Enter a Source ID (key for the run) and click Run Tree.


Clone. Opens the Modify tree dialog. Enter a new Source, Source Group, or Name. Cannot be the same as the parent of the clone.

Export. Creates a .rb file for the tree. Used for storing, backup or moving tree to another environment.

Opening in the Task Builder

After opening the tree in the Task Builder, you have options similar to the drop-down for the tree through the Actions button in the upper right of the dialog.


Categories and Searching

Available categories (containers for task handlers) are listed on the right side of the builder. They can be hidden by clicking on the small arrow on the side of the category list. There are two two search options. At the top of the task list you can search for specific tasks or on the header you can search for specific nodes in the tree.

There are three categories that are always included in the builder.

Active. Shows the current task handlers being used.

Misconfigured. Any nodes that are not configured correctly.

System Controls. The handlers that are part of the system like Wait, Loop, Echo, etc.