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Tree List

Trees define a process using Nodes and Connectors. The Trees console includes a list of Trees along with a link to Import and Add New Tree. On the right side there are options to filter the Trees based on Source, Group, Tree, and Status.


The Tree list can be sorted by any of the columns. Clicking on the tree name link brings you to the Tree Details page shown below.

Tree Actionstree_index_actions.png

Available actions are accessed by clicking on the chevron on the right side of each trees listing.

Builder. Opens the Tree Builder. See the following article for more details.

Run. Allows you to create a single Execution for the Tree. Specify a Source Id and add a message for the execution. XXX link to Executions.

Clone. Create a copy of the selected Tree. There is a unique index of Source, Group, and Name. One of these values must be changed before you can submit.

Export. Tree is exported in XML format with a timestamp. Task v4 trees may not be imported into previous versions.

Add New Tree

The Add New Trees link opens a dialog to define the background information for a Tree.


Source. Defined on the Admin console. Relates to the application that uses the Tree.

Source Group. Can be used to bind the Tree to specific items of the Source.

Name. Descriptive name (must be unique when combined with Source and Source Group).

Status. Three options:

  • Active - Executions processed normally.
  • Inactive - Current Executions (already in process) will be completed. No new Executions allowed.
  • Paused - All current Executions stopped, no new Executions allowed.

Process Owner Email. The email address of the contact that should receive notification when there are errors with the Tree.

Once the Save Tree button is clicked, the Tree will be validated and saved.  Upon successful creation of a Tree you will be redirected to the Tree Builder page for the new Tree.

Import Tree

Clicking on the Import Tree button opens a panel to search and Import. Task trees from version 3.x and greater are available to import. You cannot export to earlier versions of Kinetic Task.



Source of the exported tree must exist in the system before you can import.

Tree Details


Tree Edit