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1. Introduction

Introduction to our Workflow Process Engine using Onboarding as an Example

Class Design

In the Request CE class you designed an Onboarding form. This class takes that form and creates the backend workflow process.

For all of the examples, we will build on that form and it's fields.

Request CE Training Class

Each portion of this class is designed to illustrate a concept from Kinetic Task in the framework of completing the process for onboarding.

Onboarding Requirements

The onboarding process has three main steps

  1. Collecting personal information (required of all submissions)
  2. Assigning hardware (optional)
  3. Assigning software (optional)

Along with the above steps there are lookups, notifications, and at least one approval. There is a basic tree configured that can be used in class, but students are encouraged to work on examples that meet their own organizations needs.


Task Engine

The Task Engine is a processing engine that takes input from applications and walks through a predefined set of tasks also know as a task tree. Tasks can perform data lookups, add approvals, create entries in other systems, send notifications and much more.

Task Builder

Graphical process builder that allows configuration and sequencing of tasks.

Task Handler

Standalone collection of code designed to perform a business task. Task Handlers take parameters, return results and can throw exceptions in the event of an error.
Pre-made Task Handlers are available from the Kinetic Task Community website.

Task Node (also referred to as a Task)

Configured parameters applied to a specific instance of a Task Handler on a task tree.


Link between two task nodes. Can have logic applied to limit processing.

Task Tree

A Task Tree is a process defined by nodes and connectors. It can be called/run from an external application. It can accept inputs and reference values from the external application.


A tree that is meant to run independent of a Form. Often used to perform repeatable processes.

Class Background

This class is designed to give you the basics of Task from the perspective of someone coming from Request CE.

It may also be beneficial to go over the webhooks portion of the Kapp Setup Console.