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Considerations when Upgrading to Kinetic Task 4.2+

Kinetic Task 4.2+ includes an upgrade of the JRuby version from 1.7.26 to Most customers will be able to upgrade with no issue, however some customers may have handlers that conflict with some of the JRuby 9+ libraries and therefore those handlers may need to be adjusted.

The following are things to watch out for with this change:

Task Handlers

  • The underlying Ruby version used changed from 1.9.3 (in JRuby 1.7.26) to 2.2 (in JRuby Below are the notable changes for each of those versions.
  • Kinetic Task is now loading the JRuby provided version of JSON (1.8.0) instead of including a specific gem (1.4.6) in an effort to keep it more up to date.
    • Because this gem is included (and will continue to be included into the future) in the JRuby installation, the JSON gem no longer needs to be included in a handlers dependencies.rb file.
  • Kinetic Task will continue to load the JRuby provided version of OpenSSL going forward instead of loading a specific gem, so the openssl and bouncycastle gems no longer need to be specifically included in a handlers dependencies.rb either.