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Task Consumers

Task Consumers are .rb or .jar files that implement some Task functionality that is specific to a calling application. This page contains consumer files developed for a variety of applications.


To install a consumer, copy the .rb or .jar file into the WEB-INF/consumers directory of your Task application and then restart the web server.

To use the consumer, navigate to the Sources page (underneath the Admin tab) and click Add New Source. When creating a source, the type field essentially tells Kinetic Task which consumer file to use for that source.

Below is an image showing the source types after the Twilio consumer file was added.


Kinetic Request Handles webhook calls made when service item requests are created and submitted. kinetic-request-consumer.jar
Github Handles webhook calls made when commits are pushed to a code repository. github_consumer.rb
Jira Handles webhook calls made when an issue is created. jira_consumer.rb
Salesforce Task Handles webhook calls made when a task is created or modified. salesforce_task_consumer.rb
Twilio Handles webhook calls made when an SMS to a phone number is received. twilio_consumer.rb