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Kinetic Task provides a REST API to interact with Kinetic Task.  Among other things, the API allows source applications the ability to update or complete deferred tasks, run trees, view runs, move / clone trees, and import / export trees.


All of the web methods in the REST API v1 can be accessed from the same base route.

API base route:



The route to the API is a standard HTTP URL, which consists of the protocol (http:// or https://), the server DNS name or IP address, the port number if the default port is not used, the web application context (default is kinetic-task), and then the API base route.


Example URL using port:



Example URL without port:




API Policy Rules can be applied to Sources to ensure the request meets all the security requirements defined for that source.  The most common forms of API Policy Rules either check the IP address where the request originated from, the presence of an API authorization token, or the Identity of the user account that generated the request.

If no API Policy Rules are applied, or if the applied API Policy Rules only check the IP address of the request, nothing special needs to be done with the request.

If the API Policy Rules check the Identity account of the request, then an HTTP Basic Authorization header needs to be added to the request.  If Basic Authorization is used, it is recommended that only the HTTPS protocol is used.


Web Methods

The following web methods are available in the REST API v1.  Each web method documents the request method and parameters it expects, and the response format with a a list of possible response codes.


API Web Method Description Request Method
Archive Trees Archives trees so they no longer show up in the system.  Archived trees are not runnable. POST
Clone Trees Copies trees from one Source / Group to another Source / Group. POST
Complete Deferred Task Completes a deferred task and continue processing a run of a tree.


Export Trees Exports all trees and local routines for a specified Source / Group. GET
Import Tree Imports a single tree or routine by accepting a tree export file. POST
List Runs Retrieve a list of runs for a source. GET
Move Trees Moves trees from one Source / Group to another Source / Group. POST
Restore Trees Reactivates trees that have been archived. POST
Run Tree  Creates a new run of a tree. POST
Show Run Retrieve details for a single run. GET
Update Deferred Task Updates a deferred task, but does not continue processing the run. POST