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Upgrade Process


The following process can be used for upgrading Kinetic Task


Actions to take before you begin the upgrade process

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Kinetic Task comes with an embedded H2 database to make it easy to get started. This database is not meant for Production Use. Until you configure Kinetic Task for a there will be a warning message displayed at the top of each page, and a more detailed error on the Change Database console.

  1. Navigate to the Change Database information tab (Admin|Setup|Change Database).  This will display the information you will need to apply to the new version of Kinetic Task.  The information displayed will contain your current database configuration.  This Community article will provide you with detailed information.  Note - The Change Database section is what you will want to review.
  2. Navigate to the Source information tab.  This will provide you with the information that you might need to configure in the newly installed version.  Note - The Source information is stored within the Database and because the new Task application is pointing at the Database this is just a precautionary step.

Upgrade Process

  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Delete Tomcat Cache for Kinetic Task.  tomcat_home/work/Catalina/localhost/kinetic-task
  3. Move the current Kinetic-Task directory (for a backup) anyplace outside of Tomcat.
  4. Copy the new .war file into webapps.
  5. Restart Tomcat
  6. Navigate to the Task console (http://your-web-server/kinetic-task)
  7. If there were database changes made between the previous version and current version, follow the steps in the installation wizard to upgrade your database.
  8. Configure the Admin User, Database, and Sources if needed. See Community article listed above.
  9. Review/compare the Consumers from the old version (copied in step 3) kinetic-task/WEBINF/Consumers.
  10. Copy any Consumers from the "old" Consumers into the new Consumers folder.
  • *Note - This does not include any SSO configuration information as this is a non standard process.