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Configuing a Handler

Handlers are the building blocks of the Kinetic Task application. They each perform a specific operation and they are combined to implement an automated process. In the Creating a Tree guide we see how to use a Handler in a tree. In this guide we go through the configuration of a Handler.

Configuring a Handler

To get started with Handlers click on the Build tab at the top of the page. Then click the Handlers tab on the left. This will bring you to the Handlers List page.  The table shows every Handler present in the system.


Clicking on the Handler name link will take you to the details page for that Handler. Click on the Edit tab and you will be shown the configuration form for that Handler.


The first two fields (Status and Selection Criterion) are present on every Handler. For now we can leave these as is.

Under the properties header are fields that are specific to the type of Handler being configured. In the example shown we are looking at the Send SMTP Email Handler, so the configurable properties shown are necessary for making an smtp connection. Note that some Handlers may not have any configurable properties.

The last thing to do is to choose categories for the Handler.


To categorize a Handler select the category from the Available list on the left and click Add. To remove a Handler from a category select the category from the Current list on the right and click Remove. Note that multiple categories can be added/removed at once.



When a Handler is categorized it will appear within that category in the Tree Builder (in the right sidebar).

If a Handler is not categorized it will not be available for use in the Tree Builder.






Once you have configured each of the properties and selected categories for the Handler, save the configuration by clicking Save Handler button. Upon successful configuration you will be redirected back to the Handlers list.