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Unlicensed Task Engine

Using a Task Engine in Unlicensed Mode


When you first start Kinetic Task (using the instructions above) it will be running in unlicensed mode. In unlicensed mode there will be an orange bar on the top of the page, notifying you that Kinetic Task has not been licensed.

Besides the orange bar there is also a technical limitation to unlicensed mode. The Task Engine will only process so much work at a time. After the set amount of work has been processed (25 runs) the engine will stop and need to be restarted manually via the consoles.

When the engine has stopped for this reason, there will be another message displayed beneath the orange Unlicensed bar.


To restart the engine you can click the Engine link in the message, or you can select the Admin tab on the top and then the Engine tab on the left. This will take you to the Task Engine page.